Fiberglass Chicago, Inc.

I started FCI back in 2007 in my garage and basement. The first product was fiberglass cornhole boards. I was hit on Ebay and quickly became a power seller. As all new gimmicks go, that games popularity fizzled out with the poor economy. I then partnered up with LEGO and made all of their fiberglass store fixtures world wide.  As the prices for my materials kept rising, this forced my customers to shop overseas and venture into blow mold plastics. I try to keep my prices as low as possible, giving my customers relief on their bottom line.

FCI specializes in custom tooling and production runs, boat repair, and pool liner repair too.

Fiberglass Chicago, Inc. | Lance Kuykendall President / CEO
Office Address: 1845 Steward Rd., Steward, Illinois 60553
Click to Email | Phone: 630-309-4769 | Fax: 815-733-5243