Pool, slides, steps and hot tub repair

FCI can repair pools that most contractors want to walk away from. I haven’t seen a pool I couldn’t repair in all my years.

Fiberglass drop in pools

If you have a 100% fiberglass drop in pool that is trying to “pop out” of the ground, you need to call me asap. I will drive out and access the problem, find an affordable solution to get your pool back to normal. If you have a pool that you took the winter cover off and find a huge rip in the fiberglass, again call me I can fix it fast and cheap.

Hybrid pools

A hybrid pool is a concrete poured floor with FRP panel sides. These are very common pools in IL. Typically last about 20 years before the gaskets dry out and start leaking water slowly. Home owner doesn’t even realize there is a problem. Then, over time the water washes away the back fill and the H.O. then starts to notice concrete cracks in the pool and around the deck. Maybe some bulging in the side panels and your having a harder time then usual to keep the water chemically balanced. Now is the time to call and get it repaired. We can repair it or spray in a whole new 1 pc. liner.

FRP and plastic steps and slides with cracks

I can repair your steps; there is no need to tear them out at a HUGE cost. Steps generally crack and lose water and wash away the back fill underneath them. I will bore holes and pour 2 part high density expanding foam to reinforce the step. Then patch the top with fiberglass. Cost: $250 each step.

Slides can be repaired and repainted. With so many shapes, lengths and designs please contact me for more details.

Hot Tubs

Not all tubs are made from fiberglass, some are acrylic and my fiberglass materials will not stick to it.  Also, some are built in poured concrete and need re-lined like a pool. Call me for an appointment.

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